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Jonathan Rizk

Jonathan Rizk

Jonathan Rizk was born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey. At the age of 9 he started Olympic lifting and by the age of 11 was competing in many different competitions where he won Countless medals and awards.

In fall of 2012, Jonathan started an education at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. He was on the football team as the starting center his freshman year. Jonathan also picked up a hobby of DJing under the name DJ Official Rizk. One of his accomplishments while attending Mansfield is he debuted on the University’s Radio Station WNTE “The Giant”. He would later spark controversy over his show, the Thirsty Thursday Night Mix, where he went on the live radio playing uncensored songs against his bosses wishes.

In 2013 Jonathan started his own Network called “Rizky Network” that host podcasts and YouTube channels. Rizky Business Podcast, Uncensored, and the 2nd Pull Podcast was a couple of podcasts that he worked on.


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