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110 Parkside: Episode 2 | I Miss The Old Kanye

Welcome back to 110 Parkside, you know Rizky had to start it off with an apology. They guys jump right into it with the breakdown of the new J. Cole project (05:20). Plus Kanye West is back on twitter talking crazy but will it stop you from downloading his album(20:00)? …

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110 Parkside: Episode 1 | Welcome to Parkside

Welcome to Parkside! This first episode starts with fire while Blanc, Rizky, & Kii start off with a hot subject, CHEATING (4:45). Lucky for us, J Cole announces his new album and Rizky argues Cardi B vs Meek Mill (18:30). Also, we get into a 90s TV show debate(45:00). Rizky asks is Taylor …

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